Cab meaning Cheap Ass Bastard used often against other players for online gaming or just a casual insult.
you cab or You cheap ass bastard
by J4y June 28, 2006
cab is a cheap ass bitch, a worse street whore
"smelled like moosh,
shouldnt had a roosh,
told her to stop and take a doosh,

when she did that
i didnt want the cab,
so i wamped out and never came back,

3 6 mafia-slob on my nob
by king koopa March 04, 2006
derivative of 'cabinet', as in liquor cabinet. "Checking the cab" refers to seeing what alcohol is available for consumption.
'Yo, Imma raid the cab...'
'But you're the designated driver...?'
'Ooh, milk!'
by henry VIII January 05, 2006
You're wrong, It's not true, You wish, Yea...right
Sam: "Your a dumbass"
Chris: "You got cab!"
by NTSaga October 20, 2003
Candy Ass Bitch
A man who enjoys wearing panties and prancing about like sissy.
by SS September 19, 2003
Acronym for Choke A Bitch. Introduced to mainstream by Wayne Brady during a skit on "Chappelle's Show"
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to Choke A Bitch?
by Philipp July 19, 2005
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