Used to disguise the word cunt when out in public.
I couldn't take anymore of her yapp'n so I dropped the C-Bomb on her... she slapped me in the face and we haven't talked since. Works everytime.
by Pokey the Clown September 13, 2006
Top Definition
used in immediate retrospect to when someone uses the word cunt.
"This is a total cunt of a thing"
"Woah; no need to drop the C Bomb!"
by Jeffers78_bris November 11, 2006
The C-Bomb, similar to dropping the F-Bomb, is when you say "Cunt" in an inappropriate situation.
-Avg. Joe as he reacts to an unfortuanate happenstance- "AWWWW, Cunt!"
-Avg. Joe's Grandma within hearing distance-"(sound of crying)"
by Flanstar July 29, 2005
A term used to say that someone has used the word Cunt, without saying the word yourself.
The restaurant went silent after James dropped a highly audible C-Bomb.
by Dan Drum July 18, 2006
cunt; the ultimate derogatory word used for women
He was so pissed at her that he dropped the c-bomb - the weapon of last resort. After that all negotiations were off the table and retailiation was inevitable.
by Stanky June 10, 2006
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