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C G W is a Cum Guzzling Whore
Your sister sleeps with everyone, shes such a C G W.
by ethanenterpryz November 06, 2006
24 10

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A revolutionary, life changing musical project. Prophecies will be fulfilled with their first release "Jea: Self Titled LP" When referring to them you would pronounce it as "See-Gee-Double You", but when you are listening to them, it is referred to as "See-Gee-Dub"
Dog you be listening to CGW?? Jea, their shit is tight.
by Club CGW February 28, 2010
14 4
CGW is an acronym for Cum Guzzling Whore. Sometimes referred to as ceegwah (see-gee-wa).
That CGW just blew my best friend yesterday. Now she wants to blow me!

Oh man, what a CGW - she drank my whole load and even licked my balls.
by merlineternal January 20, 2008
15 7
An acronym for "cock goes where". Most commonly used when, in a picture, someone has a wide-open mouth without baring teeth, practically begging for someone to insert his phallus in there.
Did you see the Brashears' family photo? I looked at Jacob's mouth, and all I could think of was "cgw".
by Koyo123 December 20, 2010
3 2
Chicks Gone Wild
Whoa, check out those crazy CGWs.
by Leggie November 03, 2003
3 11