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C G W is a Cum Guzzling Whore
Your sister sleeps with everyone, shes such a C G W.
by ethanenterpryz November 06, 2006
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A revolutionary, life changing musical project. Prophecies will be fulfilled with their first release "Jea: Self Titled LP" When referring to them you would pronounce it as "See-Gee-Double You", but when you are listening to them, it is referred to as "See-Gee-Dub"
Dog you be listening to CGW?? Jea, their shit is tight.
by Club CGW February 28, 2010
CGW is an acronym for Cum Guzzling Whore. Sometimes referred to as ceegwah (see-gee-wa).
That CGW just blew my best friend yesterday. Now she wants to blow me!

Oh man, what a CGW - she drank my whole load and even licked my balls.
by merlineternal January 20, 2008
An acronym for "cock goes where". Most commonly used when, in a picture, someone has a wide-open mouth without baring teeth, practically begging for someone to insert his phallus in there.
Did you see the Brashears' family photo? I looked at Jacob's mouth, and all I could think of was "cgw".
by Koyo123 December 20, 2010
Chicks Gone Wild
Whoa, check out those crazy CGWs.
by Leggie November 03, 2003

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