Bring your own phone
If you want to play games in the waiting room B.Y.O.P next time.
by StraightPhone November 11, 2013
Bring Your Own Paint

Used in paintball to describe weather you can bring your own paintballs to the field, or if you have to buy the field's paint.There is usually a fee for this - fields have to make money.
Saturday = B.Y.O.P. for $10
by Bl33t July 25, 2006
Short for "Bring Your Own Problem", which is a play on words shared by IT support personnel and system administrators who have to deal with company BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that wreak havoc existing systems thanks to incompatibilities, information leakage, and malware attack.
IT Guy 1: "Due to budget cuts, it looks like we'll be allowing a BYOP policy as of next week."
IT Guy 2: "Excuse me whilst I go kill myself."
by justanothercomputerguy March 19, 2016
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