to insert the "shaft" of a male species into a "opening" other than mouth ear, nose, or any wounds. so basically. the vagina.
person 1- what did you do tonight with jeffery?
person 2- dood we totally bweeped.
person 1- hells yeah !

sensual lady 1- wanna bweep?
sensual man 1- fo sho take of yer pants.
#sex #bloop #do it #bang me #oh harder
Top Definition
breasts that form on a boy as the result of the childhood chubbies, a chubby boy's boobs
that fat kid has some serious bweeps.
#man boobs #man tits #breasts #boobs #boobies
by samlorenzini August 20, 2011

That dog is bweep.
Look at that bweep doggie!
#small #tiny #bweepy #cute #short
by Auggieautomne May 03, 2011
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