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The noise a car fitted with an induction kit makes under hard acceleration.

Add a "Tish" (as in BwaaaAAARRRRP TISH) for a turbo car fitted with a dump valve.
I can't wait until I've fitted that turbo! Bwarp Tish!
by BristolDave May 25, 2009
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The word used to describe the situation in which somebody has committed the biggest of all drunken crimes - the engagement of sexual activity with somebody who is considerably less good-looking or a general twat.

Bwarp; the situation
Bwarper; the stupid friend involved
Bwarpee; the lucky guy/girl

Common locations for a 'bwarp' are at chav 'nappy nights' in rubbish clubs with overpriced drinks.
Jade Goody: Alrate love, fancy a snog?
Your stupid mate: Yeah, sure.
by YA MUM ;) October 15, 2007
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the sound fx of being sick after someone has verbally or physically disgust you.or if something just looks to the extent of disgrace

for e.g

"dam man she smelt like a rats bellend"
"errrr bwarp"

other e.g
"ah did you see that dead rat on the road with all its guts dripping"
"ah man,thats sick bwarp!!
by ian "titch" taylor November 08, 2006
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