The sound that every dubstep song will have.
1: Hey, did you hear that dubstep song that goes like ninininiBWAHBWAHBWAHBWAH

2: Yeah, that song is awesone
by Jimmy Balmar January 16, 2011
pronounced bu-wah but faster, it describes a feeling of wonderment and surprise...
but can also be used as an expression of love, cuddlyness, or simply to annoy your friends and family.
1. i bwah you, bwaahhhh

2. bwah bwah bwah bwaahhhhh

3. bwahhh that's so cute

4. bwahh??! seriously??
by sofa tyrant May 12, 2009
Bwah (noun)- an excited exclamation, usually displaying one's crazy or nature and reaction to an unexpected statement.
After telling the young child he would be unable to go out for Halloween, I received an exasperated "Bwah!" in response.
by xrawrxitsxjordan June 03, 2009
A loving term of endearment often directed at your closest of friends. A person becomes your "bwah" when you love them very dearly. Pingu also likes to say it when the walrus is pestering him.
"Hi Bwah! What are you doing Bwah!?"
by bwahbwah February 09, 2012
This term can be used as an expression of a wide range of intuition. As a simple note of acknowledgement. If an astonishing thing occurs you would burst out with the term

"Bwah." Bwah is a daily term if you use it you must use it at any given Bwah time.
Perhaps your home boy bails you out of jail; at first sight of your liberator you could say: "whatup, BWAH". '

Statement: "Yo this kid at school flipped out today and decked one of the Holister wearing jocks at lunch "

response: Bwah
by Peyy feeez November 09, 2010
a word to be used when no other word would be exceptable. often used to break awkward silences or to describe and undescribable feeling.

I just feel... BWAH.

Did you hear? The graffiti gang went and wrote BWAH!!! on the ice skating rink again!
by comicbookhero February 23, 2004
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