Expression of anger

See: meh
See: bah
Bwah! This is annoying me...
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
Top Definition
a laugh; not a normal laugh...more like a snarky laugh.
BWAH! The SMB is such a moron!

BWAH! Do the chickens have large talons! BWAH!
by Anti-SMB January 13, 2005
Something you say when you're bored, or just when you don't know what to say.
Bwah...I'm bored!
by SomeknowmeasFant January 29, 2004
A variation on the word "what" used to illistrate a sense of confusion.
party 1: Bent that benter.
party 2: Bwah?
by Alastair Drong July 10, 2005
An exclamation vocalized upon impact of one's body with another harder surface or object.
"Go. Bwaaah!" as illustrated by a young girl and her dog in a popular internet video.

Sarah: Steve, you are about to be hit by a train.
Steve: (turns) Bwah!
by Ugh-nonymous November 11, 2010
A warrior like noise used to strike fear into the hearts of men.
BWAH!! (enemies flee in terror)
by jackalope38 May 25, 2009
A Exclamation used when someone is surprised or angry

Two pronunciations:
b-WAAH surprise
Surprise Mary: Tom, I think I'm Pregnant.
Tom: BWAH?!?

Anger Margret: Jordan, I need to tell you something. I'm cheating on you.
Jordan: Bwah!
by Killy_mcgee February 01, 2008
1) the sound a ninja makes before it kills you.

2) The sound you make when a ninja kills you.
Ninja: BWAH!
by the dirter November 08, 2006
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