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term for a gay black gangster by another gay black gangster
BWAC!!! where you been nigga? we were supposed to go to PIER 1 today, remember!? buy one and get one HALF OFFF!!!
by your mom goes to college February 14, 2005
To fuck up, but only slightly.
(also works as an adjective)
I had a 4.0 grade average until that cocain binge; that sure bwacced things up.
by George Malloy Jr. June 03, 2004
big white american cowboy; used to define any slim white male over 6' who has a tendancy to yell "YEEHAWW" while slapping some girl's rear
by Swollen Ostrich August 16, 2003
Boner With A Cause
"Man, after looking at her, I have a bwac."
"Dude, did you see that sexy bwac over there?"
"That attractive girl is a bwac."

The opposite of bwac is lope.
by Ruben Mothballs January 25, 2003