Slang for Bicester Village
Girl-im going to work
Boy- where do you work
Girl- Oh i work in BV
Boy- Whats BV?
Girl- It's Bicester Village
by pandagirl January 08, 2013
Its a place where a bunch of Faggets live. They all go to montgomery high school. Every body smokes dos in B.V. The moosedom is also located here; where the local moose lives. A nice place to to stop in for a fresh cold mountain breeze and some easy mac. If you wanna chill with stuck up fags then come to the Bennett Valley in Santa Rosa.
Kick it in the B.V tonight.
by Stevennnnnnnnnnnnn January 13, 2010
BV means 'deh beil!' as in 'don't beil!'. This is a Gala/Langlee expression for telling someone not to go into a mood/huff.
person 1: 'Cana nick a fag?'

person 2: 'Nuht, al give ye twos.'

person 1: 'Too far by the way, tha' is VERY extreme by the way.'

person 2: 'Aww, BV by the way.'
by GYB2k8 May 29, 2008
Butt Virginity
I lost bv when I sat on a hard object on the couch.
by sphengolly March 14, 2004
Arts geek. Often found at University of Queensland.
by James July 10, 2003
bloody vagina. an alternative to the overly popular LOL.
that new movie with jimmy fallon is bv!
by jeremy/natalie February 15, 2005

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