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Don't be stompin' on my buzz!
by AmagicdD April 15, 2009
17 19
IM method of obtaining immediate attention; ringing a bell; making a call
Buzz me.
Gimme a buzz.
by Hercolena Oliver November 07, 2008
3 5
Resident bear of Frankfurt zoo who has escaped twice and mauled visitors!
That bear Buzz really messed up that group of Swedish tourists even hospitalised a boy called Sven!
by budbudb August 21, 2010
0 3
When someone is not attractive or fit in any way, they're ugly

Can be used for men and women
OMG, look how buzz that guy is! He's got a wart at the end of his nose!
by Lampy12 November 22, 2009
1 8
1. Being overly and unnessicarily aggressive
2. Something that is overtly and extremely offensive
John "I wanna shiv that guy up"
T "ya Buzz mate"

Carl "see that story about that murderer who eats his victims faces?"
Paul "yeah that was well Buzz"
by Lord Beaver March 09, 2008
6 16
Dublin, Ireland: The excuse any misguided teen uses to justify an act of vandalism.
- " But WHY did you smash the glass in that bus shelter? "

- " Just for the BUUZZ, Adrian... "
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
21 32
To claim first use of, or ownership of something - like when a contestant hits the buzzer to answer a game show question. Similar to the way some people use the word 'shotgun.'
Buzz not going out to get the pizza.
by John_Melbourne August 28, 2007
2 14