Don't be stompin' on my buzz!
by AmagicdD April 15, 2009
IM method of obtaining immediate attention; ringing a bell; making a call
Buzz me.
Gimme a buzz.
by Hercolena Oliver November 07, 2008
Resident bear of Frankfurt zoo who has escaped twice and mauled visitors!
That bear Buzz really messed up that group of Swedish tourists even hospitalised a boy called Sven!
by budbudb August 21, 2010
When someone is not attractive or fit in any way, they're ugly

Can be used for men and women
OMG, look how buzz that guy is! He's got a wart at the end of his nose!
by Lampy12 November 22, 2009
1. Being overly and unnessicarily aggressive
2. Something that is overtly and extremely offensive
John "I wanna shiv that guy up"
T "ya Buzz mate"

Carl "see that story about that murderer who eats his victims faces?"
Paul "yeah that was well Buzz"
by Lord Beaver March 09, 2008
Dublin, Ireland: The excuse any misguided teen uses to justify an act of vandalism.
- " But WHY did you smash the glass in that bus shelter? "

- " Just for the BUUZZ, Adrian... "
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
To claim first use of, or ownership of something - like when a contestant hits the buzzer to answer a game show question. Similar to the way some people use the word 'shotgun.'
Buzz not going out to get the pizza.
by John_Melbourne August 28, 2007
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