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to die, especially in combat
They knew that if their father were to buy the farm they would have to sell the farm.
by The Return of Light Joker July 03, 2011
3 12
To die, espescially in combat; most likely from the idea that a dead soldier's death benifit would serve to pay off his family's morgtage. Often shortened to "bought it."
Chuck Lindberg later recalled the hazards of lugging a tank that carried seventy-two pounds of... napalm... under twelve hundred pounds of pressure... "It was dangerous work. A lot of guys bought the farm trying that."

--James Bradley, in Flags of our Fathers
by Pink January 30, 2004
155 30
to die, a synonym of "kick the bucket".
Billy: "So how's your uncle Jimmy doing?"
Bob: "Pretty good. You know that farm he was going to buy? The big one in Kansas with all those cows and shit, you know? Yeah, well he bought it."
Billy: "No way, you mean he bought the farm?"
Bob: "Yeah isn't that the bomb diggity?"
Billy: "You're sick, man. That's really fucking sad."
by Nick D October 28, 2003
57 45
A synonym for "die".
"If you don't know how to handle your BAR effectively while keeping your head down, you could buy the farm."
-a DI during WWII
by Dave September 27, 2004
24 13
Buy the farm was originated with pilots. Mostly military.
If something from the government crashes on to a farm - like a military plane, the government 'buy the farm'. as in the land that it destroyed. The pilot is dead because of the impact...
Bob : You know Dave? He bought the farm whilst on a training excerise last week
by Jonny February 07, 2004
51 58
This term was used during World War 2 whenever a Allied Pilot would have to make a crash landing into a European farm/house. WW2 pilots who did this were actually charged for the damages they caused and actually in a sense:
"bought the farm"
Pilot: "I crashed landed my P-51 Mustang into this ladies barn and livestock."
Crewman: "Guess ya bought the farm ehh?"
by Gibbs October 12, 2004
8 56