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This means that you don't exactly understand what someone is saying, and you'd like them to elaborate
PERSON A: "I have a friend who has a friend who's friend has a friend that has a friend that knows somebody who knows a guy who knows a girl who's girlfriend has a boyfriend who went to a really bad doctor who's doctor's doctor's doctor's doctor ate a BigMac and flatulated on top of his flatulence until he fainted"
PERSON B: "Can I buy a vowel?"
by thebug April 09, 2008
To purchase illegal substances popular at raves. Two especially are indicated in this phrase:
1) LSD, also known as acid (A)
2) MDMA, also known as ecstasy (E)
As A and E are vowels, to "buy a vowel" is to purchase one of these drugs. The phrase is derived from the popular "Wheel of Fortune" television game show, but its raver connotations were spread by the movie "Groove."
Buyer: "Hi. I want to buy a vowel."
Dealer: "All right. A or E?"
by telemakhos September 23, 2008
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