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Hoep you got ten bux!
by catspleen January 18, 2003
The act of going to Starbucks, more specifically purchasing some type of coffee'd drink from said store (verb).
Kelly- "You going to Bux it up today at 4?"
Haley- "Girl you know I've already bux'd twice today, but seeing as it's nearly impossible to bux too much, I'd be down with spending my bucks on a third bux.
#bucks #buxx #starbucks #coffee #drank #joe
by Insub08 October 22, 2010
Acronym for bad user experience.
Closing a browser window and spawning pop ups is a bux.
#bad user experience #bucks #user experience #ux #ue
by brooke brooks August 05, 2008
"bux" is the name of apparant shortened version for the small town of Buckingham, England which also it can be known as "baax". But we aint all posh, alchohollic, smoking, car park racing, chavvy, sceney, park sex manics. Some infact are normal, like myself and lived there all my life. I should be famous in that town by now!!
Person 1 : "Where yah from mate??"

Person 2 : "I'm off of that "bux" / "baax "
#bux #baax #buckingham #posh #chavvy #scene #small town
by The one off of that baax October 24, 2009
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