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an endearing term to call your partner, particularly one with a nice butt. your "butt" buddy, or the person whose butt belongs to you.
"Hey butty, why don't you come over here and lend me some suga?"
by sarahsunshine777 June 26, 2014
Mainly a Welsh word used for mate or friend. Similar to buddy.
Alright butty!
by Danny Lew April 14, 2009
Befriending your butt.
"Hey, wanna go to the baseball field to catch a game?"

"Sorry, imma go spend the night with my butty."

"Who's that?"

"My butt"
by -Gamma- June 05, 2014
(n) a person whom you think is being annoying or obnoxious
Give me that back you butty!!
by bmonstahh December 18, 2013
two gay men who have a thing for eachother
Reuben can't wait to jump into the sack with his butties tonight.
by awesomesauce415 October 20, 2010
For some strange reason all the chavs and mushers in a small area of a uk council estate use this word instead of work.
"sup mush i just got back from a long days butty." said little james
by hunter of the pikey December 04, 2006
shitty, old, not good
Im going to my locker to get my butties. (shoes)
by Brandon Ransom March 17, 2005