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putting your manhood between the cheeks of a girl with a big ass and goin for it, similar to a tit wank but with a butt
alex didnt want anal but allowed tom to give him a buttwank
by harrygg November 17, 2006
1.An insult to some one when they've done something stupid
2.Or when a women masterbates the penis with her but cheeks
1.Craig your such a butt wank
2.Phillip can't get any so he gets Jennings to give him a butt wank
by The one and only Dawesmister April 01, 2004
The act of sexually stimulating one's anal region by the use of a dildo. Also refers to anal sex, whether it's gay or not.
The guy from the pen was horny in the ass so he decided to give himself a buttwank by carving a dildo out of a bar of wet soap and beating his ass with it repeatedly.
by ogdajuiceman May 17, 2010

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