I coined this in 1990
It means you got ripped off !!
Not the gay term "He is a buttslammer".
I also coined that in 1989 !!
No kidding .
I lived in west hollywood at my sisters place at the time.
Scotty "That motor bike you bought was a total buttslamm"!!
You Got "Buttslammed" !!on that deal.
Ripped off
by Bigandtasty10 November 05, 2009
Top Definition
the word used to describe a thouroughly cataclysmic ass kicking, both mentally and/or physically
The Toronto Maple Leafs, lost 10-0, they got BUTTSLAMMED!


Jesus got Buttslammed by those Jews!
by nigel does it too November 02, 2009
Butt Slammed is when something is ridiculously crowded or busy.
Goddamnit this road is butt slammed.
by WindowLicker9000 February 02, 2010
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