1. The best thing ever. Anywhere.

2. The act of getting royally screwed over.
1. Minaki gave Matsuba buttsex last night!

2. Dude! The repair man really buttsexed my computer this time!
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
sexual act which limitates the fucker to use only the bottom of the partner
Alfred used to enjoy buttsex until Tracy was fed up of having her ass filled of cum.
by Gabzzz September 29, 2006
1.The act of penetrating someone anally.

2. Peter Griffin's campfire song!
There once were two cowboys all alone out on the trail , and they discovered they could sleep with another male , they were havin' butt sex...cowboy butt sex.....

Sodomyyyyyyyy , sodomyyyyyyy.....sodomy.
by queen_azure January 29, 2008
Anal Sex.
When a man puts his dick up a woman's/another man's arse and fucks it.
The two gay men had Butt sex.
by Glittery Goddess May 24, 2004
Justin Timberlake's favorite pasttime.
'im lovin it'? Hmm,what could 'it' be? HARDKORE BUTTSECKZ!
by 0niTTRay January 07, 2004
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