1. The act of playing Xenogears.

2. Any statement expressing extreme happiness, relief, joy, felicity, ownage, sex, bliss, ecstacy, rapture, euphoria, delight, glee, mirth or general rhapsody.

3. Penetration of the anus through the use of an object, generally a phallus or penis.
- "How was the buttsekz?"

* "Buttsekz!"

- "True."

- "How far are you with the buttsekz?"

* "The beginning of disc 2."

- "Buttsekz!"
by Kenji Tetsuo February 27, 2003
Top Definition
Sekz up the butt.
y helo thar buttsekz? LOLOL
by GastonRabbit February 07, 2004
Someone's penis entering someone else's anus.
"We are going to have buttsekz whether you like it or not."
by sKuNk3 October 05, 2003
Anal intercourse
Teh buttsekz is teh r0xx0r!11!1!
by Buttsekser March 18, 2003
Another name for a hat.
I have a buttsekz and I give it to Jackie, who has teh buttsekz?
by Christo l'Iced Tea February 07, 2005
see "buttsex"
mmmmm that buttsekz was good last night.
by jimbob November 14, 2002
An alternate punishment for defying the TOS.
-Do you like teh buttsekz?
-Yes sir, may I have another.
by PS2_Gamer77 February 17, 2003
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