The touching of one smokers lit cigarette to another's unlit cigarette with both cigs still in their respective owner's mouths. Used to light up in the absence of a lighter.
Dude 1: Got a light?
Dude 2: Nah, we can butt kiss though.
Dude 1: Gay, but do want a smoke.
by Lagoon February 12, 2009
Top Definition
A life donk. one who is so desperate and broke he will slob on little penis for five dollars. also mooches off of his parents.
Man, Marcus is such a buttkiss. All that life donk does is mooch off his momma Tina and lose money.
by driftdc5 March 26, 2008
To spread one's unwashed, possibly unwiped buttocks and place them and their dividing orifice against the person or possessions of another. And kiss.
Ryan spilt the last of our milk, so I totally buttkissed his pillow. He has pinkeye.
by Jyrkface November 19, 2009
A "butt kiss" is when you take a shit and it piles up and/or leans over to make contact with your ass.
That turd was so long, it actually gave me a butt kiss when it snapped off!
by cermudgeon November 14, 2007
The physical act of placing your butt against someone else's and simultaneously farting.
Dude, when we buttkissed she had a wet one. It smelled horrible.
by unccary June 16, 2008
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