Substance abuse to the max. To mix booze,pills,herb,blow. To get really wasted.
Man we got soooo butthoused last night.
by dashocka February 04, 2005
Top Definition
To be realy drunk
"we got so butthoused last night, 151 is some good shit!"
by Dirt May 17, 2003
When one drinks entirly too much. Made infamous by Sublime.
He was completly butt housed last night
by C.Huff October 26, 2007
To get completely drunk
John: What'd you do last night?

Frank: Me and Walter got completely butt housed.
by Luciferrodeo February 12, 2009
an underground variant of cornhole
in which leather bear types
(like the dude in village people)
get together and use sexual orientation
as an added mental challenge in the game
by adding bandanas to their outfit as flair
they can advertise their sexual orientation
and specific activities they like/have a fetish for
this can be used both to attract players
you find compatible with your tastes
but also strategies can be used to psyche out
other players by wearing 'decoy' colors to
upset their game and possibly gain an edge
but then you run the risk of advertising
an interest in sexual activities you disagree with
to other players that may be 'looking to score'
Shit! We were so butthoused last night!
by iak July 17, 2006
extremely wasted, drunk, inebriated, tanked, sloshed, blasted
That choch is totally butt-housed. He won't be throwin the ball around like the boys tonight.
by Mac April 17, 2003
Adjective meaning "extremely high on ganja", as in baked, stoned, or fucked up; it was coined by Berkeley High School students in 2001. Alludes to the fact that a pothead will tend to sit on his butt and never leave the house.
Alice: So how was the party last night?

Betty: Shit, I don't know. I got so butthoused on tequila and blunts that I couldn't even see straight. I woke up in a pool of my own vomit.
by conculcate August 17, 2005
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