someone who's head is in teh shape of an ass.

a kinder way to say asshole
your such a butthead
by nikki September 26, 2004
To lick a mans butthole while giving him a hand job.
My girl gives great butthead!
by Holly Juggs April 16, 2008
A synonym for cheating boyfriend or any person that elicits bad memories when spoken of. Is used to refer to an evil ex, the disgusting slob your sister or friend is dating and will soon be a replacement for their name.
So how is Butthead-I mean your boyfriend?
by Anonymous June 26, 2004
1. A butthead is someone who is addicted to cigarettes. There are currently millions and millions of buttheads. Do not confuse with potheads.
Your a pothead. Screw you fool. Youre a butthead.
by Saurav March 06, 2006
Someone that just doesn't stop trying to be funny, and never relents in their childish games.
My brother, Gabe, is a total butthead, for he never is nice.
by Lola August 13, 2004
a person who has a good body, but not a face; can sometimes be used interchageably with tip drill
everything looks good, but they head
by David March 28, 2004
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