a guy whom you like who starts dating someone else right before your birthday, thereby, blocking any chances of birthday sex for you
1: Bob's dating someone else now.
2: But it's your birthday next week
1: I know. No birthday sex for me.
2: What a butthead.
by starchild15 January 04, 2011
A word that is able to describe a good or bad situation, person, or place. Because the use of the word can be confused with another, the meaning depends on the emotions of the speaker. Its up to you how you use it
Damn! That car is butthead! (angry voice)
Wow thats butthead! (happy/calm voice)
You're a butthead.
by StuntNun April 11, 2009
(N)One of the sassiest and most beautiful girls in the US of A. Is synonymous for the word Buttface (N). The original butthead was first sighted by the male model Andrew who recorded that the amazingly gorgeous girl named Kelsea, was to be known as butthead. If you believe you have spotted a butthead, please report to assaholics.com for verification.
Is that fine ass woman Kelsea? Damn she is a butthead
by Uganda sex slave March 26, 2013
a name a brother calls his sister because he grosses her out but sitting on her head and farting
My bed is on your head sis your a butthead
by val lane December 14, 2010
When a baby is born buttfirst out of the mothers vagina.
"Hey, carol! Was your baby born a butthead?"
by Melle April 26, 2008
face planting on someelse butt
John was walking on the beach and tripped and became a butt head
by Nightmare279 September 13, 2007
A)A person who:
1. Does not cooperate with you.
2. Makes fun of you.
3. Is being annoying.

B)A word used for fun by many to annoy another person.
You know what, you're a BUTTHEAD! Yeah, I said butthead.
by Katherine[: May 12, 2005

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