Only the best and uncombackable insult in the universe
BOY 1: wow your a fucking noob

Boy 2: shut the fuck up butthead!

BOY 1: ...
by JayRay January 01, 2008
The correct spelling of butthead.
Shut up beavis, metallica sucks, the singer looks like the cowardly lion.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
A pain in the ass
Man, you're little brother is a major butt-head
by Filly March 24, 2004
1. A very immature and young name to call someone
2. Someone with a butt as a head
3. The friend of Beavis as in Beavis and Butthead
2. Woah look that dude has a butthead
3. *Laughing retardedly*
by OmG-iM-bOrEd September 24, 2005
Being Really Ignorant And No Nonsense; Annoying.
chump:hey i'm like really late to english because i was counting my fingers

nick: butthead.
by adrian coolidge November 29, 2010
A stupid-witted person who is very annoying or rambles on when speaking.
Oh my lord, Abbey! Johnny is being such a big butt head because he won't shut up!
by WzoAbb36 May 30, 2009
A person, who, by an unnatural process of the human body, floweth crap out of the mouth and speaketh unintelligible words out of his bottom. These words are often accompanied by an unpleasant smell, and the crap that floweth out of the mouth can also flow onto online sites such as forums, IRC chat sites and social networking sites such as Farcebook and Twitter.
Josh: "Beavis is a butthead."

George: "How so?"

Josh: "Because crap comes out of his mouth and noise outta his back, that's how."

George: "O_O"
by Beavis Vanderhooker May 17, 2011

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