The rush of relief experienced after dropping a persistent turd.
"The toilet at work was broken so I held my turd all day. When I got home and shit I had the biggest buttgasm of my life!"
by Thatguy915 February 09, 2012
Top Definition
The greatest shit of your life. Clenching you cheeks on the way to the toilet, praying you make it on time. When those sweet buns finally touch the seat an overwhelming feeling of pride and relief overcomes you and one cant help but squeel in satisfaction.
Mike: dude i heard some pretty wierd noises coming from the bathroom.

Chris: oh i was having a buttgasm

Mike: you know how i know you're gay?
by mike the liar December 10, 2010
it's like an orgasm, but in your ASS.
I crammed this bannana in my ass and proceeded to experience a buttgasm.
by otto von jizmark September 03, 2004
After holding in rectal sepage for a long while, and finally being able to sit on the toilet and let it go. The rectal sepage comes out at an alarming rate and you seem to show symptoms of having an orgasm. Can be induced by continual diarrea.
Could be pull over? I feel a buttgasm coming on.
by Jamie H. April 08, 2007
When you let off such a large, relieving fart that just makes you feel so much better that you achieve a state of euphoria known as the Buttgasm.
An hour after I ate a bunch of burritos, I farted so much that I had a buttgasm!
by Vofman March 05, 2009

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