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somewhere far away from everything
"Dude, don't just leave me in the middle of buttfuck nowhere!"
by Jake Umbiquito May 23, 2003
"Dude, we've been driving for an hour. You must live in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere."
by Writer@Large January 14, 2005
The middle of nowhere.
A small isolated town.
A boring town or city that should be electively bombed until it is no long there.
If the town or city can not be seen on the map, you are in butt fuck nowhere.
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006
Butt Fuck, Nowhere. Like an address. Refers to same coordinates as Middle of Nowhere and BFE. Also see Timbuktu which is actually a place.
I didn't stop to get gas and got stranded in Butt Fuck Nowhere!
by SmartAssKate May 17, 2006
When something is so out of the way; when its in the middle of nowhere. When you have to go so far its ridiculous.
OMG you live in the middle of butt fuck nowhere!

Where is this place in the middle of butt fuck nowhere?
by Oorschae Pglesby December 07, 2009
A place where the Amish live.
"why the hell are we surrounded by the sh in buttfuck nowhere?"
by Demented Dust Bunny August 04, 2003
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