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Gas released between the buttocks cheeks, expelled gently and or forcefully into the surrounding air. There are numerous methods of release, therefore qualifying a "buttfart" an art form medium. Of course, there are those who do not partake in the exiting and age long celebration of human air. Cheers!!!
"Nice, thats one hell of a buttfart Rick, did you enjoy it or was it rather unsettling?", " Rather Tom, I found that particular buttfart, satisfying and rewarding, a true, and excellent buttfart." "Whoo, stinky."
by Damien Williams May 06, 2008
Farts which emerges from one's butt, and not another orifice.
After eating a large can of beans, Steve made many loud and disgusting buttfarts.
by A Cow Told Me To Write This August 13, 2007