Another slang for someone whom uses /b/- b tard.
It's time to gather all the butt faggots for an ebaums raid.
by Iggy Daniels October 17, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who packs such an enormously large amount of ass fudge, that the normal term faggot could not encompass the outrageous amount of gay.
Whoa, that dude is licking that other dudes asshole in public! What a butt faggot.
by Ron McManchester December 29, 2013
I super bad thing to call someone when they call you a name.
Me: John, you're sutch a frekin' buttfaggot.

John: Shut up bitch

Me: Fuck you

John: Fuck you

Me: Shut up dickwad

John: (crying) (hang up)
by Pimp Suprime August 11, 2004
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