Means ugly, derives from "Butt-Ugly"
"What you think of that girl?"
"Nah she's butters man!"
by rudyrnwlondon July 10, 2008
the definition of someone who is really amazing or good at something.
Wow!! that phong truong guy is sooooo butter at life!
by duncanmcnaughton September 07, 2007
the smoothness of a trick, used in skateboarding
steve: mike man that switch flip down the 10 set was butter
mike: yeaa man ive been practicing
by mike sala December 10, 2005
Good or potent, often used in the context of drugs.
I bought some coke last night, it was butter.
by Jadem August 24, 2005
Another way of saying something is effortless, smooth, or easy.
Playing those noobs was butter.
by TheOwnerer July 24, 2008
A girl who has a nice body and an ugly face.
"Girl fine, but her face is a mess."
"Yeah, she's butter."
by butter-hater March 16, 2008
A motivational moral raiser used in groups of fat people, in body or mind. Counteracted by the threat BROCCOLI!

Unconfirmed rumors of this statment of increasing physical ability for short periods of time..for the fat peopl
Butter Butter Butter!


by Brandon Tucker May 22, 2007

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