london slang.
maybe from 'but ugly.'
err shes well butters man.
by amy, January 15, 2008
Northern Slang Word for a basic Tan Pair of Timberlands brand boots; usually used in Philly,Wilmington DE & South Jersey.
Booder-Yo you see dat nigga Butters

T.Y-Yeah them things is Fresh.
by Monn November 30, 2009
A way of describing something or someone of distaste.
1. Look at her dress, it's butters.
2. He is absolutely butters.
3. I feel butters today (often used the day after a night out)
by Eoin H. October 04, 2007
Best soft substance known to man kind.
Paula dean loves her some butter!
by Ilovejbsomuchyo June 27, 2010
Tan Timberland boots. A common word found mainly in the D.M.V (D.C., Maryland, Virginia).
Yo Mikey those are some fresh butters...
by mikey-mike b June 28, 2009
(adj) describing something cool, fresh, enjoyable
1) Waiting for food while stoned: Yo these chicken tenders are going to be butter.
by Dougiefreshlax March 11, 2010
Something you put on bread!
I'm having a bread and butter sandwich!
by wwwwwwwwww February 05, 2007

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