When someone is really ugly
That girl is a butters be-atch.
by Dirt Dogg March 18, 2005
The smoothest water you can find while wakeboarding.
Yo! I want to ride first, the water is totally butter.
by Rupie September 19, 2008
1. A smooth, easygoing experience.

2. Something particularly easy.

See piece of cake
All I have to do is pass this math exam and the rest is butter, baby.
by stop it loser April 15, 2009
1. A character on the show "South Park" who constantly tries to make his friends happy oblivious to the fact that they are actually using him.
2. A nickname for a person who is a complete tool/ poser.
- Dude, can i borrow a dollar?
- I don't have any money. Try asking Butters.
by ybcrew08 March 20, 2007
crack cocaine that is reprocessed (i.e. "cookback", "comeback") to remove impurities and creat a much more potent product at the loss of some weight and volume. Usually looks clearish white to yellow in color.
I used to smoke crack and everytime the dealers had butter we would come back all day long. Baking soda rock was a let-down. You can take about 1/3 the same amount of butter rock that you would take for a hit with some soda rock and feel higher off that one hit from the butter. Very potent crack cocaine that keeps the addicts comming back till it's gone.
by DeeIImCee September 22, 2007
having a particularly illmatic quality; sweet; nice
"If lookin' good is like being on time, man, THAT girl is fifteen minutes early."
"Yeah, she's butter."
by Randy Roberts January 10, 2003
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