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Being completely naked (formed by the shortening of butt naked)
Be out in a sec, I'm butters.
by Marfar May 01, 2006
like being rancid
meanin someone is really ugly in youe opinion
"hav u seen what that girl is wearing shes butters"
by crazy c January 29, 2005
used as slang meaning crack, or crack rocks.
Person A: Dawg, you on them butters.
Person B: ????

Well, now you know what people are talkin about. It's not being ugly, it's being addicted to crack.
by Anonymous October 06, 2004
inna british black slang someone so bloody ugly, that even white cockneys call him/her a minger:-) a geezer who's not a buff at all.
dat lakisha gaal, she's a flippin' butters, innit tyronne?
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
a slang term used to describe a girl who is so disguistin, that it hurts to look at her.
That girl is so butter, i wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole!
by the creator June 05, 2003
a name for someone you think is a complete moron and have no liking for at all. These people are often reffered to as jackass, dumbass, asswhole, Queef and many others.
I hate that faggot Matt so much. Lets call him Butters. What a Queef!
by To: "All of Us" May 19, 2006
A loser and scapegoat who is always the target of being made fun of in large groups.
Butters, get a life.
by Natasha August 12, 2003