The fuckin' sexiest beast you've ever seen in you entire life. A very smooth talker.You can't ever be as cool as Butters, and if you try you'll always be a fake or substitute, like margarine.
"Smooth as Butters baby"
by Jordan Anders February 11, 2008
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A slang term for marijuana. This slang originates in Armonk, New York.
Yo lets call the pusher man, to drop off some butter.
by pD1 October 13, 2005
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A friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/relative's hot little brother.

Frequently and unexplainably melty.
Person One; "Have you *seen* Rose's butter?"
Person Two; "I know, right? Mmm."
by antionary October 17, 2009
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1. A solidified chunk of pasturized fat, often spread on bread and toast. Often comes from fresh milk that originated from cows (Things that go "Moo"). Sometimes comes in spiffy little tin encased squares, and in the colour yellow.

2. The word sometimes used in place of "Nigger" by racists and just plain mean people. Often to describe one or more African Americans. It is used to get the same feeling as saying "Nigger" without anyone knowing that you actually are.
1. "Check out this spiffy little butter square! It'll go great on my toast!"

2. "God, don't you just hate it when them butters sing about their "Rap" music and "Hoes?"
by Mr. Zombie March 22, 2006
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A girl who has a great body but a terrible face. There are different levels of butter. Butter is a really bad face, margarine is a rather bad face, and I can’t believe its not butter is a girl who’s face just isn’t good, but not horrible. Other words are derived from this. Butter on a bun is a girl with a bad face and great buns. Buttermilk is a girl with a bad face but incredible breasts.
"There's just something off about her face. But man does she have a great ass. She's definitely I-can't-believe-its-not butter on a bun.
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
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inna british black slang someone so bloody ugly, that even white cockneys call him/her a minger:-) a geezer who's not a buff at all.
dat lakisha gaal, she's a flippin' butters, innit tyronne?
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
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Is one cool kat.
A Butter is always nice, funny, smart, and always good with the ladies. Butters aren't rich, but they have nice stuff. A Butter is someone who knows a lot about music, and has a lot of musical style. The always know have something for you to listen to. So listen up.
Most of all, Butters are always fly / ill / dope / tight / fresh / cool / sick / cute.
Example # 1:
"Yo, Yesterday I was just kickin' with Ryan and his home boy Nick. And he played me this Deadly ass Skyzoo Sample, it was insane, i don't know where he gets it."

"Word up man, that dudes a total Butter"

Example # 2:
"Man, yesterday i was up on the block and i saw Jason drive by with some fine ass girls in his ride"

"Yea? He be a total butter".
by Jake Dunn October 07, 2007
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