The real definition:Butters is kindest and most peaceful person on Earth, unless you make the wrong move. This person is also affiliated with Japanese culture. He smiles all the time when he is with friends and he has the most beautiful eyes!
There are rumors that Butters is brolic as hell, but they're just rumors. You can find Butters playing his golden DS almost 24/7.
by Butterygreatness September 27, 2008
Originating in the Northeast region of the United States, the slang term "butter" refers to an item or situation that is considered 'cool' or pleasing to the eye. Sometimes, one might use the term "churned butter" to indicate something that is especially cool or pleasing to the eye. These two slang terms aren't very popular yet and can sometimes be used to be sarcastic or while making a corny joke.
"Dude, look at my science project!"
"Ooh, that is SO butter!"
by The Eavesdropper January 31, 2008
A woman with a hot body and unattractive face.
Oh, too bad that girl is butter. I like everything "but her" face.
by BINAK June 25, 2007
really cool, sweet awesome
"that was sooo butter"

or if someone or something isnt cool

"I cant believe hes not butter"
by lennonsatrianisl May 27, 2007
tan Timberland boots
"Yo, look at her butters! Where did you get them?"
by J*Hood March 22, 2007
butters means butt ugly
J - yo blud chek out dat gash's back off
C - yh but bruv look at her face, she butters man bad!!!!
by (*)Pulse(*) November 20, 2006
Term used in place of "just kidding" or "sike". Can also add words to the end such as 'cups' and 'nut' or just an 's'.
--After the best party you've ever been to you say to someone:

"Dude that party sucked ass!"

"Are you serious?! Everyone was wasted it was so legit!"

"BUTTERRRRRS!!! Best damn party i've been to all year!"
by Krystie aka cali cutie September 22, 2006

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