another word for money, dollar, wonga etc...
making his butter off these blood suckers.
by dave November 20, 2003
That guy was so buttered up last night.
by Kelly G July 29, 2003
"A is for the acid I eat everyday, B is for that butter, pass that crackpipe my way"
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
The real definition:Butters is kindest and most peaceful person on Earth, unless you make the wrong move. This person is also affiliated with Japanese culture. He smiles all the time when he is with friends and he has the most beautiful eyes!
There are rumors that Butters is brolic as hell, but they're just rumors. You can find Butters playing his golden DS almost 24/7.
by Butterygreatness September 27, 2008
An attractive girl everywhere but her face. A short version of "butterface".

That girl's body is so fine! Too bad she's butter.
by totalfreakinbabe July 12, 2008
a girl with a good looking body, but her face needs a paper bag!
Everything Look good, butter face!
by NikkiBeth April 21, 2008
A girl who has a nice body and an ugly face.
"Girl fine, but her face is a mess."
"Yeah, she's butter."
by butter-hater March 16, 2008
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