To spread easily. To be easy, give it up without hesitation.
She's like butter (she spreads easily).
by ashley December 29, 2004
A girl/guy with a nice ass body but an ugly ass face
Damn she's so butter, might as well put a bag over her so you can fuck her
by Chloe December 19, 2004
another word for money, dollar, wonga etc...
making his butter off these blood suckers.
by dave November 20, 2003
That guy was so buttered up last night.
by Kelly G July 29, 2003
"A is for the acid I eat everyday, B is for that butter, pass that crackpipe my way"
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
A friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/relative's hot little brother.

Frequently and unexplainably melty.
Person One; "Have you *seen* Rose's butter?"
Person Two; "I know, right? Mmm."
by antionary October 17, 2009
A girl who has a great body but a terrible face. There are different levels of butter. Butter is a really bad face, margarine is a rather bad face, and I can’t believe its not butter is a girl who’s face just isn’t good, but not horrible. Other words are derived from this. Butter on a bun is a girl with a bad face and great buns. Buttermilk is a girl with a bad face but incredible breasts.
"There's just something off about her face. But man does she have a great ass. She's definitely I-can't-believe-its-not butter on a bun.
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009

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