This means 'ugly' when used to describe a person. I think it comes from 'butterface', as in 'nice body, but her face...'
"She is well butters"
by AJ November 05, 2004
A motivational moral raiser used in groups of fat people, in body or mind. Counteracted by the threat BROCCOLI!

Unconfirmed rumors of this statment of increasing physical ability for short periods of time..for the fat peopl
Butter Butter Butter!


#buttercup #butter #kamayamaha #cory #fat #broccoli
by Brandon Tucker May 22, 2007
1) Some sort of food or whatever that you can put on bread, mashed potatoes, etc.
2)Male Sperm.
1) "Do you want butter on your roll?"
2) "Do you want me to butter your muffin?"
by Ashley April 13, 2005
Urban Slang, particularly in Westbury High School. Being cool, awesome, spectacular, sweet, hot, wicked.
I just bought me the new Jordans. Son, these shits is butter.
by Venessa Nina December 26, 2002
adj. To be in a fatigued, lazy or lethargic mood. Used most commonly after a night of heavy drinking.
"Last night was crazy, but i'm feeling a little butter today."

"you wanna go workout?", "Nah man, i'm just gonna watch tv and be butter."
#syn. tired #lazy #hungover #lethargic. ant. excited #enthusiastic #energetic.
by Brad Baker November 11, 2009
An attractive girl everywhere but her face. A short version of "butterface".

That girl's body is so fine! Too bad she's butter.
#slut #whore #easy #ugly #girl
by totalfreakinbabe July 12, 2008
a girl with a good looking body, but her face needs a paper bag!
Everything Look good, butter face!
#fugly #ugly #disgusting #skeet #beezee
by NikkiBeth April 21, 2008
marijuana (green butter)
If you wanna get high, we've got plenty of green butter.
#weed #marijuana #hash #trees #green
by Eddie Brockman April 19, 2006
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