This means 'ugly' when used to describe a person. I think it comes from 'butterface', as in 'nice body, but her face...'
"She is well butters"
by AJ November 05, 2004
A girl or boy who is EXTREMELY!!! ugly.
Girl1-I was walking down the road when this discusting guy walks up to me and trys to get with me, and he had warts on his face and a mono-brow!

Girl2-Ewww, Gross!!

Girl1-Yeah, he was Sooo Butters!!!
by Pretty_Damn_Awesome November 08, 2009
n. Waves, or wavy hair. A degree of smoothness, and silkyness that is rarely matched. When an aerial view of your head looks like a freeze-frame of a pond with multiple ripples in it. Slang originating in Indianapolis.
Person 1: Just got the fresh fade yesterday.

Person 2: Yeah, I got a caeser last week and the butters was silly
by Repo June 29, 2006
Distracting girl while studying
Butter won't let learn Chemstry!
by salty45 November 07, 2011
A word that can be used to describe a girl who very easily puts out. This doesn't necessarily need to be a slutty girl, as a girl who puts out a lot for her boyfriend or just to one person could still be described as butter.
"My girl's not a slut, but when I'm around she spreads like butter."

"See those girls dancing over there? The one in the little black dress looks like real butter."
by NY Lane July 29, 2009
perfection (many applications)
dude, that cd you burnt me was butter

that chick from last night had butter legs

that half court shot was butter

by theandimal May 10, 2009
Top shelf powder cocaine. It has a yellow hue to it and mostly ships from the Dominican Republic.
Someone wanting to buy this higher grade of cocaine would ask a dealer, "Do you have the butter?"
by snickergirl September 21, 2008
Particularly attractive woman. Tastes so sweet. is mentioned in the film commentary.
"She's like but-ter..." - Ed, Shaun of the Dead

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