A flesh-colored fruit that looks like a dick.
He felt tears behind his eyes as he watched his mom chop up the butternut squash for dinner.
by Jomo Arigato April 05, 2013
Top Definition
Reverse cowgirl with a twist.
A butternut squash is a sex position in which a cowgirl does a reverse cowgirl and sticks her head between her legs and butters the squash.
by butternutsquasher August 31, 2011
1. An edible gourd.
2. Something that sounds like a really painful sex position.
1. We're going make butternut squash chili for Thanksgiving!
2. Mmm yeah, I'd put you in a butternut squash!
by penguinception January 16, 2016
The fact of a gay man getting another man , typically straight, drunk and passed out, then forcing him to toss the salad.
I got that fag Andy Drunk and then gave him a butternut squash, hard......
by Billy Yoo February 16, 2004
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