what you should never have with black-eyed peas.
boy 1: "what did you eat for breakfast?"
boy 2: "buttermilk and black-eyed peas"
boy 1: "hell naw, i aint sittin next 2 u nigga! Yo stomach's gonna swell up and bust! They oughtta use u in the military as a weapon!"

-this was taken from "Black Boy", an autobiography by Richard Wright
by Spens February 24, 2008
Top Definition
a southern slang for light skinned blacks
Mr. Smith prefers us buttermilks to the dark skinned blacks.
by MACHINE December 02, 2002
A type of milk with a distinct yoghurt-like flavor.
by Ruben 'H Hog' van Ophuizen March 24, 2003
The condition of an easily solved problem being altered into a time consuming pain in the ass by a fellow worker who doesn't know what they are doing.

Buttermilked- when a machine or device has multiple layers of poor workmanship resulting in a tragic waste of useful time and materials.

Buttermilk(noun)-a self deluded individual that creates stressful situations by embellishing minor problems with inane details in order to avoid actually solving the problem or doing the work.
" I have a long list of projects to work on today but I will probably spend my entire work shift repairing that machine that was Buttermilked last week."

"Why didn't he just tighten that bolt?"

"Man that guy is such a Buttermilk!!"
by Montrose Teutopolis April 27, 2010
come, ejaculation, nut
person 1 "your gonna do what i say"
person 2 "your ass sucks buttermilk"

sarcastically referred to as someone who has been fucked in the ass.
by are any names available June 09, 2009
Buttery Milk, Milky Butter. Do not put in cereal.
I'm hungry for some Buttermilk.
by InvertedCrucifixion March 17, 2010
Adjective: To butter someone up before "milking" them, that is getting what you want without them realizing they're giving it to you.
Mr. CFO: This is intolerable!
Worker 1: I'm not sure how that error happened boss, but I'll do whatever needs to be done to solve the problem. Would you like to know who worked on this project?
MR. CFO: Yes, figure out who's responsible and tell me right away!
Worker 1: No problem, Sir. I'll read you the list of people who missed the error and call them to your office.
Mr. CFO: I know I can count on you, Worker 1. Go ahead and read it, I'll have them all fired!
Worker 1: Here it is: Worker A, Ms. Assistant, Mr. Senior Manager, Ms. Manager, and Mr. CFO.
Mr. CFO: Harrumpf.
Worker 2: I can't believe how you buttermilked that guy!
Worker 1: Word.
by The_Sly_Roget December 13, 2013
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