a girl who has an ugly face but hot body like a butterfly has beautiful wings... but still is just an insect
damn... i hope when she turns around she doesn't end up to be a butterfly !
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
That funny feeling i get in my stomach when it's got anything to do with *Sahil*
"baby u just gave me butterflies =P"
by Selina2108 March 30, 2008
When a girl is in bed flat on her back getting fucked and shes on her period so basically when she done she gets off the bed and theres a butterfly shape, kinda like how you would get a snow angel if you laid in the snow.
"Damn man, Sarah's a freak! She like that butterfly" "I don't see the problem dogg, she on her period Aaaall week"
by xXTrueXx March 21, 2005
A type of ecstasy pill I tried in the summer. It was smaller than the usual pill, but seemed to be just as powerful.
"The butterflies were good".
by Mahone January 16, 2007
an alternate word for marijuana
Man, this party would rock if we had some butterflies.
by cathal June 27, 2004
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