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--easily one of the greatest DDR songs of all time

--one DDR classic that was never brought to the US
Butterfly by Smile .dk was recently voted as the 6th Greatest Dance Dance Revolution song of all time, according to official Konami polls.
by Bravely Folk December 16, 2003
34 36
stretching the genitals so you can make a butterfly-shaped shadow puppet on the wall of a shower.
While we were showering, Samuel Johnson* made a butterfly on the wall of the DA locker room.

*Identity changed
by placidorgasm January 02, 2011
3 6
to staple the sides of the ballsack to the inner part of your thighs.
He was so loaded, he tried the butterfly at the party, eventually sending him the the ER, and losing a nut.
by np6776 October 05, 2009
6 9
The two words, butters (meaning ugly) and fly (meaning well dressed) put together. An opinion refering to people who are not good looking, but have a good sense of fashion.
She's butterfly.
by Thomie4 April 12, 2009
5 8
greek root : same meaning for psyche - mind - spirit - butterfly - vanessa

all the people with sexual references are out of line:

butterflies are innocent, harmless and good
search www for butterfly,

1% may find some sexual connatation, 99% are like children - innocent, and pure: loving the beautiful things God has created for His children's pleasure.

Pleasure is define here as holy, and acceptable pleasur and amusement for His children

This entry is OTO (only truth online)

by mypsyche June 17, 2009
15 19
My boyfriend calls it : "Dark place in heaven" ;)
A vagina with large wings
Boyfriend: "Can I pleasure your butterfly ?"
by Tessa Biefstuk December 14, 2005
38 42
Poker chip trick, that results in four chips being held in the spaces between the fingers of one hand. Made popular by the famous poker player, Evelyn Ng.
When he pulled off the butterfly, I knew it was a bad idea to bet into him, yo.
by Sawyer Tabony December 16, 2005
7 12