horrible traitors that turn stomachs into knots whenever said stomach and its person is in the presence of someone the heart of said person longs for.
Its not fair that that stupid asshole gives me butterflies.
by majgic7 December 12, 2009
That feeling you get that tells you you are in love. The feeling you get even just by looking at someone and your heart beats a million times a minute and all you can think about is being with him forever.
As Alex kissed her on the cheek and whispered I love you in her ear, Karen's stomach fluttered with butterflies.
by TrueLove172010 November 18, 2011
Nervousness or anxiousness feeling in your stomach whenever you are with or talking to the person you love, think about, and are very happy with.
I gave Ashton flowers, and she told me it gave her butterflies.

Butterflies make you feel amazing when you're with the other person.

I wish she knew she gave me butterflies everyday.
by Jashton121807 August 15, 2011
When a "Social Butterfly" roams around socializng with people
Jacob:My mom says im a social butterfly
Shelby:Then how bout you go find people to butterfly?
Jacob:Its hard to butterfly when theres nobody here to butterfly with!!
by Jacob and Shelby March 11, 2011
a gal that moves from guy to guy, like a butterfly from flower to flower!
she's such a butterfly, can never stay with one guy for too long!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
Shortened version of the term social butterfly. Though men probably would look at you weird if you called them this.
Janet is such a butterfly. She's got friends everywhere.

Sarah is so outgoing, she's a true butterfly. She can make friends with any type of person.
by TZafir June 25, 2012
the best stroke in the world! <swimming>
you year-arounders out there know what im talking about
by swimlvr July 22, 2011
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