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A girl who is perfect in every apsect but is devout
Ali is a butter faith for sure.
by Dr. Knockers November 09, 2007
12 8
A girl who is fun, intelligent, beautiful, perfect in every way... except she's devoutly religious. (See butterface)
If not for the whole going to church and not eating meat on Fridays thing, Jenny would be perfect. Too bad she's a butterfaith.
by Cephiroth April 25, 2007
2667 955
A girl who is great, funny, beautiful, intelligent and overall perfect.. however devoted to a religion. One could argue that the teachings of her religion and being part of a supportive community made her the person she is.
Person 1: "damn, kirsty is so hot"
Person 2: "yea, shame shes a butterfaith"
Person 1: "fucking religion"
by Bertyrob May 06, 2007
100 75