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When one paces their lips between the recipients butt cheeks and blows continuously creating vibrations and a wind tunnel. Butterboat! PLPLPllplplpLLPLPpllPLLPLLPll!!!!

Fun stuff.
I was really into the moment and decided to give the wifey a butterboat. Mmm mmm good!
by kelstermcgil December 12, 2009
After leaving your load on her tits, you keep on going, frantically, maniacally even, until the "substance" becomes buttery.
I was so in the mood, that after climaxing, I butter boated her breasts.
by echdarees June 28, 2011
Like motor-boating, but on the butt cheeks
Man I gave her such a good Butterboating, she farted in my mouth. bootyassass to mouthmotorboat
by cj mcjizzle November 27, 2014
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