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noun - a person that has let their dental hygiene slip into a downward spiral creating yellowing of the enamel.
'oh, you're talking about butter tooth, the they guy that can't stop smoking'
by HM December 17, 2003
a nasty, yellow, fuck up tooth in Jeff's nasty ass grill.
Jeff's butter tooth is so fucked up, he cut his mom's pussy with it last night.
by MadCow July 20, 2004
when someone's teeth pieces look like they been brushed daily with land of lakes extra thick and creamy for 10+ years...
damn dude, might as well butter ya bagel with that butter tooth
by yaes December 15, 2010
Country american red a neck type no brushs a teeths and have teeths like a butter or toffee
Nice a one you buttertooth
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
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