What an individuals finger is after inserting it into the female sex organs.
"Hey honey, want a Butterfinger?"
by Cejay December 06, 2006
The act of sticking your penis in the opening of the bottom of a popcorn bucket and surprising your date. This results in a very messy and sticky handjob.
Last night, Jake gave me a butterfinger during Titanic!
by Salt Lick October 25, 2010
The resultant covered penis of heavily lubricated anal sex, looking much like a finger coated in butter.
After I was done with her I had a huge butterfinger, so I smacked her on the forehead with it a few times to get some of the shit off.
by smoog July 17, 2006
when you take butter and put it on your fingers and shove them up a girls vagina.
i butterfingered that whore , she was buttered
by PolishWhore August 04, 2010
When one person sticks his/her finger up another person's butt in an awkard situation.
I was trying to order my ice cream when Hood gave me a "butterfinger"!
by Gadman June 10, 2009
To lube your finger up with butter and then insert into the rectum of another individual.
I'd like to butterfinger her!!!!!
by The Lord of the Butterfinger June 06, 2007
The act of capturing a fart in ones hand and then holding it over another's (or own, if desired) mouth until victim breathes, leaving them with the taste of flatulence in their oral cavity.
"Oh man, Robert just butterfingered Kenny." ~Conor

"I can still taste that fart from Conor's butterfinger." ~Robert

by Dikfore January 24, 2006

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