A girl whos got a nice body but makes u gag when u see her face.
Man! Look at that chick. (She turns around) Oops, BUTTER FACE>
by Chris March 02, 2004
This word is used when talking about a girl who has a nice body but a busted face. When you call someone a butterface, it sounds like 'but her face'.
That girl got a nice ass body but she definately a butterface
by Bonnie July 05, 2004
A girl who, from far away, looks like a knockout. Upon closer examination, her face is in actuality so heinous that even if her body is bangin, it cannot overcome this massive deficiency.
Many Eastern European girls are butter faces.
by PK811 August 05, 2006
Some gal with a smokin' body, but with a nasty helmet.
Did you see the rack on that bitch- and how about that caboose, butterface could wake up the dead.
by Shmeckster March 28, 2003
A female whom has a very good body however is lacking in the facial beauty.
That chick is so hot
- Dude she is a butter face
by BA January 01, 2003
A woman who is attractive everywhere but her face.
Fergie has a totally bangin body. It's too bad she's a butterface.
by filmie October 20, 2007
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