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1. A girl with a nice body but a face that makes you want to stab your own eyes out with a soldering iron.
2. Amanda Wenk.
Amanda Wenk has huge tits but a nasty ass butter face.
by Duben December 11, 2005
shes hot ..great body..everything.. but her face is ugly....so then she would be titled as a butterface! learned that one from someone else lol
by Kerrianna Beck May 16, 2003
When a girls face is so shiny, that it looks like she has smeared butter all over it.
"Chelseas face is so shiny, she is SUCH a butter face."
by Erin and Stephanie January 24, 2008
too much makeup.. they use a paint roller to apply
Jane buttered herself for John's visit hoping to hunch him
by James March 28, 2003
butterface: not a good lookin girl or guy
wow...that is y there is a light switch, that girl/boy was such a butterface...aka: lightswitch girl/boy
by kells! January 26, 2004
A face so ugly it looks like someone smeared butter all over it to hide the ugliness, but it just keeps coming on through...
The butterface had a body that could launch a thousand ships, but her face could stop a clock.
by Gene' Bujold June 26, 2004
An image so photoshopped to remove blemishes, that the skin appears to be smeared with butter.
Sweet chick on that boobies link, but she's butterfaced.
by Gacka June 09, 2005