a face with unusually oily skin or a person with a face that commonly has unusually oily skin. common during ages of puberty.
I can see my reflection in her butterface.

eeewww, did you see how oily her skin is? It's like she rubs vasoline on it or something. She's a butterface.
by scarfizzle May 04, 2007
1. A girl with a nice body but a face that makes you want to stab your own eyes out with a soldering iron.
2. Amanda Wenk.
Amanda Wenk has huge tits but a nasty ass butter face.
by Duben December 11, 2005
When a girls face is so shiny, that it looks like she has smeared butter all over it.
"Chelseas face is so shiny, she is SUCH a butter face."
by Erin and Stephanie January 24, 2008
shes hot ..great body..everything.. but her face is ugly....so then she would be titled as a butterface! learned that one from someone else lol
by Kerrianna Beck May 16, 2003
too much makeup.. they use a paint roller to apply
Jane buttered herself for John's visit hoping to hunch him
by James March 28, 2003
butterface: not a good lookin girl or guy
wow...that is y there is a light switch, that girl/boy was such a butterface...aka: lightswitch girl/boy
by kells! January 26, 2004
A face so ugly it looks like someone smeared butter all over it to hide the ugliness, but it just keeps coming on through...
The butterface had a body that could launch a thousand ships, but her face could stop a clock.
by Gene' Bujold June 26, 2004

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