a girl who has a nice body but her face is completly fugly. you love everything BUT-HER-FACE.
Cheyenne is a butterface.
by kaseyy December 17, 2007
a female or male with an extreemly atractive body, but ugly face. everythings hot "but her face" bobfoc
shes a butter face but i'd hit it
by camille summers October 22, 2007
has an nice body, very attractive, all but/her/face
well built woman walks by, easy on the eyes until you see her face, you turn to a friend and say how many brews would it take to do that butterface?
by allright August 02, 2006
A word for a hot ass girl. The type that when you see her, your jaw just drops, and everything looks top notch, "but her face"!!
Jim: Dam check out that hot piece of ass
Steve: *drives by* yea, everything looks good, butterface.
by [THE]Bdog October 05, 2005
A chick that has a real hot body, but her face looks like it has been beaten with an ugly stick.
Damn, look at that chick over there she has a butterface. Everything looks good but her face.
by Maddog2020 August 13, 2005
Everthing on her is sexy as hell BUTTER read: but her FACE!
I fucked uper doggystyle so I didn't have to look at that butter face!
by Silky Smooth November 05, 2003
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