A girl who has a very hot body, but an ugly face. There for, everything about her is nice, but her face. butter face.
Guy #1:how about that chick? shes pretty hot
Guy #2: no way, shes a total butterface.
Guy #1: i guess
by moongirl3x July 28, 2010
when a woman is seemingly attractive but ends up having an attractive body with an f'ed up face.
"Don't be a butterface, where evrything is good, 'butther' face"
Person #1: damn, look at that chick!

Person #2: *chick turns around to be hideous* ugh, you mean that butter face?

Person #1: dammit, the cake is a lie.
by aono November 15, 2009
(noun) A woman considered attractive for everything but-her-face
From accross the Sizzler, she looked good. But up close, Denise proved to be a butterface.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
a girl with a great body and a not so nice face.
"she's a butterface... everything's hot but her face."
by Puttz May 13, 2009
Used when describing a a girl/women. A butterface (actually meaning "BUT-HER-FACE") is a girl/women who has a nice body but was not blessed with the face to match, which is usually such a pitty and can be a huge let down.
"Man that gilr's a real butterface!! Nice body, BUT-HER-FACE!!!"
by supamans March 13, 2009
a girl with a good body yet an ugly face
Guy #1-"Damn, you see that girl's ass !"
Guy #2-"Yeah but she was a butterface."
Guy #1-"Oh shooot ... " =/
by Angie baby October 22, 2008
Term describing someone who has an appealing physique but who's face is unattractive.
I was about to flirt with this woman on the dance floor, but as I got closer I realized she had a 'butter face', so I went back to my table.
by RichardCranium October 06, 2012

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